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Hi, I'm Joe. I've been with the Enid News & Eagle since June 2009. I design many of the pages you see each week in your newspaper. I love writing and talking about space, and I love listening to and writing about music as well.


March 9th

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Lincoln, NE

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Betelgeuse is a variable star, meaning it changes in brightness over a period of time, but this dimming was unprecedented in recent history. Furthermore, the gigantic star is near the end of its life. It could burst apart anywhere from tonight to 100,000 years from now. 

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Tickets are $65. Attendees can choose between a main entrée of strip steak or chicken with a lemon buerre blanc sauce. A cash bar also will be available. Each night, dinner will start at 7, with the show at 8.

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Valentine’s Day activities don’t have to include anything overly extravagant or expensive. Perhaps after a nice dinner, or a visit to one of our breweries downtown — and, provided the weather is nice — it might be a good idea to walk around downtown.


Winter Chautauqua and "The Giver" performances set for Saturday night. See #Whats2do in #EnidOK in this #ENE story:

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❝Even though we read about these characters in history books and might have seen documentaries, it's a whole different experience to have someone in front of you talking in persona or character.❞ — Mary McDonald, immediate past president and board member of Chautauqua Council of Enid

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Weddings with Elegance and livestock events on tap this weekend and into next week. Check out #Whats2Do in this #ENE story:

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