I’m a routine kind of guy. I have a set way of doing things, rarely deviating from my established path. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “trust the process,” well, that’s me. I trust the process, as long as it’s mine and has been relatively successful.

I’m not a fan of talk of the new world order. That really goes for my football.

Friday nights are for high school football. Saturdays are for college football and Sundays are for the NFL. But the new world order, led by the likes of that godless icon overseer ESPN, has blown all that asunder.

It’s a big enough adjustment getting used to this zero week stuff at the prep level, but now we have college football encroaching on Friday night lights and barging on through on to Sunday.

Oklahoma is ground zero in many ways.

Oklahoma comes alive on Friday nights in the fall. High school football is nearly the life-blood of so many communities. Is it totally unreasonable to let the kids and these small towns have their spotlight for a few Fridays in the fall? This past opening week there were plenty of eyes looking elsewhere with college football’s opening slate also including a late Friday night Oklahoma State at Oregon State game and even Tulsa opening on the road.

Meanwhile, we have Oklahoma playing at home on Sunday evening against Houston. Why Sunday? TV said so. It’s not like Norman had another event booked for Saturday.

You know what would be nice? If these schools would step up, say “no, Friday nights are for the kids.” Or at least, “hey man, you’re messing with Ruthenberg’s routine.”

The likelihood of either happening being equally remote.

Quick takeaway from Friday night: Sure, sure, nobody wants to hear about moral victories. So, we won’t go there. However, it was a positive sign to see the Enid Plainsmen battle back from a 16-0 first quarter deficit, overcoming some early miscues in the debut game under head coach Rashaun Woods.

No, the Plainsmen fell short, 23-21 at Guthrie, not an easy place to win. The 5A Bluejays are considered one of the top 10 teams in their class and are coming off a 9-3 season. But the Plainsmen showed they can take a punch in the mouth and, while maybe rocked a bit, deliver some nice counter punches.

It’s still a loss. No credit in the win column for almost. But the comeback effort certainly offered something to build upon and it will be interesting to see if that carries over to Enid’s home opener Friday against rival Ponca City.

Heisman Love: It’s never too early for Heisman hype, even to promote players who have no reasonable shot at claiming the Heisman. Schools have employed various marketing campaigns to promote their players over the years. My favorite remains Northern Illinois’ Heisman campaign for Michael “The Burner” Turner which included sending out little bottles of “Burner” hot sauce.

The campaigning for this year’s Heisman started before the season began and included a similar long shot.

Landing on my desk were promotional materials pushing the Heisman candidacy of Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. It was nothing spectacular, befitting probably what the budget of Utah State can dedicate to such a campaign.

It included the requisite reporter’s notebook that listed Jordan’s campaign credentials but also a package of Valentine style hearts with the words “Heisman” and “Love.”

It prompted some discussion in our newsroom as to why schools such as Utah State even bother, knowing the candidacy has no chance going up against players from the very entitled Power 5 conferences. True enough, but if it gets the school and the player some recognition, it’s worth it. Case in point right here in this column, where Love and Utah State would never have otherwise been a topic.

So, well done Aggies.

I’m just sorry Miami (Fla.) didn’t have an all-out Heisman campaign last season for Sheldrick Redwine.

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Ruthenberg is sports editor for the Enid News & Eagle.

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