ENID, Okla. — A practice and teaching seminar, aimed at promoting the growing sport of arm wrestling, will be held at Enid Axe at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021.

Enid native Tim Hunhoff was first introduced to arm wrestling about seven years ago, when a tournament was held at the Enid Fairgrounds.

He didn’t try to join, but the tournament got his attention, and the following year when he saw that the tournament would be returning, he began asking around for anyone in Enid that was interested.

That’s when Hunhoff was introduced to The Brothers and Arms Armwrestling, a group based out of Enid who meet once a week to practice.

Since then, he’s traveled to competitions in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Tex., Mesquite, Tex. , Kansas City and Springfield, Mo.

During these trips, Hunhoff got the chance to see how big the arm wrestling community is in other larger cities in the region. The Brothers and Arms decided to create a seminar to introduce people in Enid to the growing sport of arm wrestling.

The event is open to all ages, and people of all different sizes. Competitions are typically divided by weight class with the smallest often coming in as low as 150-155 pounds for the men with the super heavyweights starting around 235-240 pounds.

In particular, Hunhoff hopes that the seminar will give the students a better understanding of how to compete in arm wrestling safely.

“I want to get some interest in Enid and try to get a grassroots thing going here,” Hunhoff said. “Hopefully we’re going to have a good turnout. Everyone should come out and try it, nobody’s going to get hurt. I can’t stress safety enough, because you can get hurt in this sport.”

Hunhoff didn’t start competing in the sport until he was 61-years old. He said that’s fairly old for most who enter the sport, but that he still enjoys it, because it gives him a reason to stay active.

“It keeps me going to the gym and it keeps me active and stuff like that. I’m 67 right now and one helps out the other. Working out helps my arm wrestling and the arm wrestling helps motivate me to workout.”

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