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I have almost become obsessed with the idea of possessing ... accumulating far more than I need or can well handle (or dust). I think we are all burdened with deadwood. Simply living with simple things is a lesson learned all too late by many.

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State Rep. Jim Grego, R-Wilburton, said the only milk product that should be on Oklahoma shelves are ones produced by cows, goats or other hooved mammals like yaks, water buffalo, reindeer, moose, horses and donkeys.

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Every pasture has lots of flowers and a few stickers. Life is the same way. There are always a few things that one wants and needs to change. Ridding our lives of those stickers will make the flowers more beautiful. 

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Too often we don’t appreciate what we have until they disappear or are taken away. Are we truly thankful?

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Let me tell you folks, there is no easy way to accomplish permanent change. But why would we want it to be easy? The most important things in our life did not come easy.


Cattle pedicures, or more properly called hoof trimming, are not something the public, and even some cattle producers, think of as an essentia…

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Young people keep us young as we remember the fun we had as a kid. I also know that God knew what he was doing when he gave small children to young couples. This old gray mare isn't what she used to be, but I would not have missed a single minute of this wonderful time together.