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The dramatic evolution of social media has caused confusion among the population about what is fact and what is opinion - and newspapers have had to conform to make clear the delineation. But a selection of local, state and national opinions are as important to readers as they've ever been, which is why readers have noticed a surge in local contributions. More additions are on the horizon, and that could mean more responses to various columns. That's why it's important that the Tahlequah Daily Press stresses its policy for Readers Forum - what in the past was referred to as "letters to the editor."

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If we’re to ever heal the wounds of racial discord in this nation, we all must face and honestly acknowledge the roots of today’s evils — roots that draw on centuries of violence and oppression, instigated, justified and covered up by a predominantly white power structure that remains largely intact to this day.

Thank you for your editorial (“Dire straits: Oklahoma floats adrift in stormy waters with rudderless leadership”) published in the Thursday, A…