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What is something we take totally for granted in Oklahoma, add waste to it with limited restraint, pour millions of dollars into harvesting, refining and redistributing, and on a much broader scope could very well be the cause of the next world war? Depending where you live on this globe, it can either be a source of recreation or a cause of death. It is simply essential to life and yet there is nothing simple about it. I'm talking about water, that naturally occurring element made of Hydrogen and Oxygen available as a solid, liquid or gas.


“Our vision is connecting our troops. You could think of it as like Facebook for the military. It’s a private, invitation-only platform for active duty Guard, Reserves, military spouses and military veterans.” — founder Tony Weedn

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“Liquor stores are the only place you can get liquor. Being capped off at 15 percent alcohol, they can’t give you a fine port, and they can’t tell you which one of these three chardonnays are the best,” Lunday said. “You’re not going to get the customer service in the grocery store, especially like over here.” — Erica Lunday, manager of Rock Island Liquor & Wine


"We want to create a culture of innovation, focusing on entrepreneurship and starting business in Oklahoma. We need to be telling our success stories. ... We have businesses big and small, urban and rural, that are growing." — Brent Kisling, exectutive director, state Department of Commerce