Sandie Hamilton first learned about Genesis One when she was looking for training to help with her duties at Macedonia Missions.

“I got acquainted with them because they were doing a mentor-training workshop,” Hamilton said. “I wanted to learn how to mentor.”

Hamilton said one of the first things that comes to mind about Genesis One is that she sees the difference the program makes.

“Genesis One is doing something that’s not happening with other programs,” Hamilton said. “I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that difference is Jesus Christ.”

Macedonia Missions, a safe house program that provides shelter and job-search assistance to women who find themselves in difficult circumstances, has headquarters in Enid. It is an interdenominational, faith-based mission group that works with women in troubled situations, giving them an opportunity to rebuild their lives. It provides shelter at a low cost, helps them find jobs and sees they have spiritual mentoring.

Barbara Monroe, CEO of Macedonia Missions, said the organization has worked with Genesis One graduates for about five years, welcoming those women with open arms.

Johnny Daniels works in the receiving department of Hope Outreach. He’s a Genesis One graduate who was released from prison in March and returned to Enid to rebuild his life.

“It kind of was important that I come back to Enid,” Daniels said.

There are family responsibilities here that he needed to deal with, Daniels said. In addition, he needed to face the issues he had tried to run away from so many times before a drug conviction resulted in a prison sentence.

He learned about Genesis One at prison and filled out an application for acceptance into the program, but started attending the accountability meetings before his application was reviewed and he met with the coordinator.

“What the program really teaches us is leadership,” Daniels said. “We take on leadership positions, become prayer warriors.”

Daniels said he saw a lot of people take the wrong approach to being in prison.

“I hear a lot of, ‘I’m going to lay down and do my time, and I’ll take care of this when I get out,’” Daniels said. “You can’t do that.”

Daniels said he’s learned he can take control of the direction of his life.

“The struggles in life are such that it’s not easy — it’s not easy,” Daniels said.

As he works toward restoring his life, and the lives of his family, he relies on the strength of his faith.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Daniels said.

January McCall is another Enid resident who graduated from the Genesis One program. McCall is the manager of Hope Outreach Thrift Store, having worked her way up from warehouse duties when she started with Hope Outreach nearly three years ago.

Like Daniels, McCall is an Enid native who returned to Enid because of family responsibilities.

She said she was drawn to the Genesis One program because it offered fellowship with other believers and people working to reach the same goals.

“People who want stability,” McCall said. “There’s a mutual goal.”

It was difficult to return to Enid, where she’d gone astray before, McCall admits.

“With God all things are possible,” McCall said. “You’ve got to separate yourself from old people and old behaviors and surround yourself with positive people.”

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