School has started in many northwest Oklahoma communities and will begin Thursday for Enid Public Schools. One word we all need to remember, especially during the first days of school, is safety.

Children who have spent the summer away from school need to remember to be safe as they make their way to school. That means such things as looking both ways before crossing the street and not darting out into the street when leaving the school bus.

And adults need to pay particularly close attention because, as we all know, kids don't always do what they are supposed to.

Remember, school zones will be in effect. That means drivers need to slow down to 20 mph around schools. Drivers also should keep an eye out for children who may be getting out of cars and buses. Those children sometimes may step out into the street without paying attention to traffic.

Another important thing to remember is red means stop.

That means when a school bus comes to a stop and the red flashing lights come on, traffic going both ways also must come to a stop. Many buses also have a stop sign that extends when they come to a halt.

Violating the traffic rules can cost drivers money in fines but -- more importantly -- may result in a needless tragedy that easily could be avoided.

Everyone needs to keep safety in mind.

We also want to take this time to wish everyone -- students, parents, teachers and administrators -- good luck this school year.

School is an exciting time. Children learn more and more about the world around them and begin to shape their futures.

Likewise, we hope parents become involved in their children's education. There are plenty of things parents can do that can make the experience so much more rewarding.

Check your children's homework. Ask them how things were each day. Keep in touch with their teachers and their progress. Volunteer to help out with various activities.

In short, get involved. Every school needs parents who take an interest in education.

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