It’s always best when people get all the information they need.

With respect to Enid Cemetery Association, people will get a chance during a shareholders meeting 7 p.m. Tuesday at Oakwood Mall. The meeting will be in the space occupied by Eskimo Joe’s during the holiday season.

Some concerns have been raised by Steve Kieffer, new president of Enid Cemetery Association, over how the cemetery is being operated.

Among his concerns:

• The association’s 99-year incorporation expired in 1996.

• Regular board meetings have not been held, as required by law.

• Proper accounting procedures may not have been followed.

Cemetery superintendent Nancy Rahm, who has been on the job since 1998, disagrees with Kieffer, saying she had not heard anything before about the incorporation being expired.

Whether Kieffer’s concerns are valid remains to be seen. At least one other board member has said he shares some of Kieffer’s concerns.

What we do know is this: There are concerns about how the cemetery is being operated. We also know it would be best for people who are involved and who have an interest in the cemetery to have all the information possible.

Kieffer said he believes shareholders of the cemetery are those who own lots today. We would encourage those people with an interest in the cemetery to attend Tuesday’s meeting. If nothing else, it would be good to clear the air.

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