Thumbs up to 4RKids and their forthcoming $2.2 million facility to expand its services to those in need.

4RKids provides employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities, support and outreach to their families, and supports local enrichment opportunities for the developmentally disabled, including Miracle League and Special Olympics.

The planned building, designed by Easley Associates Architects of Enid at more than 10,000 square feet, will increase the foundation’s space for employment counseling and training.

The new building, to be constructed by Henson Construction Co. of Enid, will triple the number of people 4RKids can serve.

We’re excited about 4RKids delivering to serve this important need in our community.

More thumbs up to an Enid student placing second in the statewide aviation art contest.

Federica Belloni, a senior at Enid High School, won a cash prize and placed second in a field that included almost 1,000 entries.

Twelve students’ works were selected for prizes in the Oklahoma 2020 International Aviation & Aerospace Art Contest, sponsored by Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

Belloni, an Italian exchange student from Bergamo, a city northeast of Milan, in northern Italy, added an Italian perspective to her concept piece on the history and future of aviation.

“I wanted to add something from Italy,” Belloni said, whose work is divided down the middle between aviation past and present.

On the left are seen Leonardo da Vinci, scenes from the Florentine countryside, a bird and one of da Vinci’s flying machine designs.

On the right, she included an astronaut, a modern city and scenes from commercial aviation and space travel.


Last, but not least, thumbs up to businesses closing and kindly still paying employees.

As we practice social distancing with Enid’s well-measured emergency declaration, now is a good time to think compassionately about people who are hurt and scared right now.

If you represent a church or civic group in a position to help them, see how you can help responsibly.

If you’re in a position to donate to a group helping them, please lend a hand.

And if you can, please spend your money safety at local businesses that are affected.

We also appreciate all families self-quarantining after possible exposure to Covid-19. They are setting an example for all of us to follow.

If you have any of the symptoms, don’t wait for a positive test, just assume you have it and get yourself away from other people.

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