Oklahoma is a red state, and its governor now wants to cut the red tape.

In a recent executive order, Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt ordered all Oklahoma agencies to comprehensively review thousands of rules and regulations.

Stitt believes reducing red tape by 25 percent in the next three years will relieve farms, ranchers and Oklahoma’s job creators in addition to aiding recruitment efforts and growing the economy.

“In order for us to become a Top Ten state, we must reduce outdated and burdensome regulations that overshadow our economy, while protecting those regulations necessary to preserve public health, welfare, and safety,” Stitt said in a statement.

Before a state agency can create any new restrictive regulations, it must eliminate two, according to the order.

If this strategy sounds familiar, President Donald Trump implemented a national policy of regulatory reforms after he was elected.

Conservatism usually involves support for free market capitalism, but total deregulation is not without pitfalls.

You only need to look at the 2008 economic collapse and listen to Alan Greenspan when he admitted that trusting markets to regulate themselves without any inkling of oversight was “a mistake.”

We admire the spirit of making state government less cumbersome to help grow Oklahoma’s economy.

That said, we shouldn’t sacrifice our public safety or environment for expediency.

We advise Stitt to be careful while walking this regulatory tightrope.

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