THUMBS UP The generosity of northwest Oklahomans has been amazing.

Thumbs up to those who have given to any number of the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. We keep hearing of thousands of dollars raised, plus a lot of water and non-perishable items taken to Louisiana and Mississippi to help the hurricane victims.

Over the next few weeks, more evacuees will likely filter into Oklahoma and northwest Oklahoma. Many of these families will be starting over and need assistance. That's why it's important to keep in mind the United Way drive going on in Enid and Garfield County. The United Way agencies will be resources for families who are relocating here.

Thanks to all for their caring hearts and their outstanding generosity.


Thumbs down to those who think it is OK to drive off from the pump without paying for their gas.

Whether they're doing it as an act of defiance for high gas prices, or simply because they can't or don't want to pay, it's not right.

Driving off without paying gas is not hurting the oil companies. It's hurting the local businessman or businesswoman who is just trying to make a living.

None of us likes high gas prices, but driving away from the station without paying is a crime, and should you be caught, your record will reflect is as theft, not a political statement.


Thumbs up to Security National Bank for helping kick off Cherokee Strip Days with a bang this year.

SNB hosted around 3,000 people Thursday night for hot dogs, drinks and snacks, plus raised a little money for the United Way. The event was topped off by some great fireworks.

SNB held the event as part of its 100th anniversary celebration, but it is nice to see a little spark (pun intended) added to Cherokee Strip Days. We'd like to see other businesses take more interest in the event and add their own touches to it. Let's find a way to keep kicking off Cherokee Strip Days with a picnic and fireworks.

Thanks again to SNB and congratulations on your 100th birthday.


Thumbs up to the city of Enid for following through with the transfer of 132 acres of land to Vance Air Force Base.

This is part of the ongoing process to enhance Vance. It's important to the military mission and the security interests of the base for the Air Force to have control of this land. This allows Vance to look into the future and decide how to use the land to best develop the base.

Congratulations to all involved in working to get this transfer accomplished.


Thumbs up to Enid Det. Rick Tanner for being named Enid Kiwanis Club's Officer of the Year.

We know there are a number of officers who deserve this award. Tanner appears to be a good choice. Tanner is a seven-year member of the Enid Police Department. He also is a detective in the Narcotics Interdiction Unit.

Enid Police Department and the Garfield Co. Sheriff's Department have made numerous large drug busts this past year. They've also been aggressive in targeting the fight against meth in our area.

We applaud Tanner and all law enforcement officers who work so hard to keep drugs out of Enid and Garfield County.

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