What you read is your business

As the Enid and Garfield County Library opened the public meeting of the library board, Wednesday, Nov. 16, there was a storm brewing, not snow, wind or hail, but the attendees chose to raise concerns about disturbing books. This community meeting became a platform for restricting books revealing private lives.

My attendance was scheduled to request permission to exhibit the children’s drawings honoring The One Tree featured in the holiday celebrations in Enid. Enid Public Schools partnered with Stride Bank to provide drawing activity for all fourth graders.

After an hour of negative, frustrating and very dark statements against the library’s selection of books, I excused myself. How can children’s drawings expressing beauty, cheerful lights, clever ornaments celebrating this season be welcome in a room twisted in anguish about “nasty” books?

What you read is your business. This is a free country. Our community should be willing to bring hope and enlightenment to fellow citizens. Hope and cheer to our children.

Now the celebration of our The One Tree is in the works so let the children draw. And, don’t burn the library down for housing books for all people.

It is obvious to me that some people get depressed around the holidays. The comments at the library board meeting illustrate this observation. It’s not 1920.

Margaret Moss


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