He was a good cop in the Oklahoma City Police Department who could not be bribed and was feared by the criminals in whose neighborhood he patrolled.

Daniel Holtzclaw, along with his two sisters, was raised in a loving and dedicated family. They were very close and cared deeply for one another. The three were well-disciplined, as both were in law enforcement: Eric in the military, and Kumiko, a civilian police officer in Japan. They met and fell in love in 1980 when Eric was serving our country in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Japan.

Daniel grew up in Enid, had many friends and excelled in football in high school. Daniel was well-trained, disciplined and followed the rules. Building up his body muscle was Daniel’s hobby.

While Daniel was working for the OKCPD, he tried to make things better in the crime-ridden neighborhood he was patrolling. He arrested many criminals in the drug- and prostitute-infested sector.

There were quite a few discrepancies in the Holtzclaw case:

1) One witness could not even identify Daniel in a lineup.

2) One of the victims described the perpetrator as a short black man.

3) All of the victims except for Janie Liggons were rooted out of the community by the investigating team to find enough victims to bring the “bad cop” down.

4) The jury was not given some very important facts, including the unpredictable “touch DNA” that ultimately convicted Daniel. In fact, the prosecutor falsely told the jury that the DNA found on Daniel’s pants was from vaginal fluid.

5) The jury was being intimidated by the crowds of black protesters outside and in the hall during the trial.

Daniel is innocent!

God bless the entire Holtzclaw family, as they have had to use all their assets in Daniel’s defense.

Joan Thomas


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