The City of Enid is presently going through a difficult legal procedure in accordance with citizens rights and addressing state law. However, it is an unnecessary requirement and cost for the City of Enid.

Gosh, it is clearly understandable the Ward 3 Commissioner Ben Ezzell has wished to protect Enid citizens with establishing the wear-a-mask requirement.

What is so disappointing is that Melissa Crabtree and Emily Hladik are so against wearing masks. Why do these ladies feel so strong and wishing to disregard the professional guidance of Dr. Fauci and Birx the highly regarded experts for mask wearing? Plus, most of the medical experts expressing their position of wearing masks.

Guess these two individuals do not understand the medical professionals and do not care about protecting their fellow citizens in Enid and Garfield County to slow the COVID-19 virus. Perhaps we need to pray for them that they do not contract this dreaded virus. Such a sad situation.

Charley B. Rasp, Enid

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