Once again, James Neal (Opinion, Column, “We have enough blood on our hands, thank you very much,” Dec. 11) has used the Enid News & Eagle to push his personal socialist platform onto Northwest Oklahoma’s faithful subscribers of this paper.

James, your ever-increasing liberal platform has once again grated the nerves of those who still pause to see what you’ve said “this time.”

If you think stirring the ire of the vast majority of this paper’s subscribers is your job, you are doing a remarkable job!

Your remarks regarding Trump’s violation of a previous presidential precedent being unconscionable clearly illustrates your flawed platform. For, how can you be upset over Trump executing five “convicted” murderers during his transition, while Planned Parenthood kills 947 “innocent” human beings every day?

That equates to 71,025 murders “you” have supported vs. five the “lame duck” has supported during this transition time, James!

David Mendenhall,


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