Today, dangerous voices on the left have forgotten or misunderstand what it means for free individuals to pursue “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

America’s prosperity was not built on government control or direction.

Americans take risks, suffer setbacks, make and recover from mistakes preserving our individual liberty.

Government can never do that, not for a free people. Human progress depends the process of living and learning, subject to as little government control as possible.

No socialist dream understands that supply and demand are private affairs, not driven by governments. The new Democratic Party wants people to accept the “joy” of giving our individual liberty to an all-powerful, all benevolent centralized government. Nothing could be more fatal to American democracy.

Readers, educate yourselves about the Green New Deal, which includes a number of radical programs that have nothing to do with green energy and everything to do with increasing the scope of the federal government.

It calls for creating a federal jobs guarantee that would promise a job and a living wage to all people in the United States, including those “unwilling to work” and would form “basic income programs’ with imposed workplace requirements and wage standards.

Also, under the proposal the government is charged with providing free health care and secondary education to all Americans and includes provisions to “mitigate … regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth,” a clear call for massive income redistribution, abolishing the air travel industry and internal combustion engine.

There is much, much more. Point blank, the Green New Deal is about socialism and government expansion.

Want examples? Similar programs in countries like Venezuela, Cuba and the former Soviet Union and North Korea.

Is there any individual freedom there? Socialism would allow the government to meddle in every single aspect of Americans’ lives!

Deloris Castor, Enid

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