The other day President Trump "... argued that his impeachment should be expunged from the congressional record" ("Trump’s acquittal confronts Dems with election year choices," Feb. 8, Enid News & Eagle).

What a great idea: let's all play pretend with the president! There was no impeachment. Poof! Gone, never happened!

Next let's pretend he won the popular vote in 2016. In fact, let's imagine it was the greatest 50-state landslide in history. And his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever, with folks backed up across the Potomac down to the Maryland border.

And why stop there? Let's pretend he never mocked a handicapped reporter, never bragged about groping women, never lied about the payoff to Stormy Daniels. Gone, never happened!

Next we'll make believe he cares deeply about the environment, knows the Constitution word for word and is the most eloquent, articulate statesman since ... well, ever!

Having trouble pretending? Try cosplay: put on a long red necktie and MAGA hat. Mindlessly chanting "Lock her up" or "Four more years" until your brain turns to oatmeal works well, too.

With a little imagination, we could even pretend that he is, as he's hinted, "greater than Lincoln" or "the chosen one."

I must, however, add a note of caution. Too much make-believe can make you lose sight of little things like facts or history. You could even suffer a complete break with reality, and then the men in white coats have to come and take you away.

Court "Corndog" Atchinson, Enid

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