I have watched our federal government acting like 13-year-old adolescents arguing over who gets the last cookie. There has been zero cooperation between the two parties.

The Democrats got their feelings hurt when Mrs. Clinton did not get elected. Mr. Trump loves Twitter — enough said.

What they have done over the last four years is not much at all. If the Democrats would have taken the time and money it took to try eliminate Mr. Trump from office, I bet you would have found receptive Republicans willing to work on some very important issue like border control and not just the southern border.

Now we have come to the point where we need to elect another person to be president of the United States. I voted for Mr. Trump last time because I could not stand the thought of a treasonous person in the seat. I have not yet made up my mind on this election other than I am not going to vote for the socialist Joe Biden.

So that leaves me with our current Mr. President or voting for an independent candidate.

After the first debate, I am not sure either one of them have the maturity to hold the office.

I love my country; I am a Vietnam vet and proud of it. I am very much afraid if we continue down this argumentative road it will be destroyed.

I ask that we all dig deep to make what for you is the right choice or the lesser of the two evils.

Roy B. “Fig” Newton


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