You know me. I’m a lifelong Enid resident, fourth generation of a proud pioneer family. I’ve owned a small business here and served on the boards of many nonprofits. I’ve volunteered countless hours of my time, talent and my resources to try to make this a better place to live. I was just named to a list of 100 influential women.

Yet, I’ve never been as ashamed of this city as I am right now. The majority of the all-male Enid City Council, specifically commissioners Mason, Allen and Stallings and Mayor Pankonin, have buried their heads in the sand and refused to vote for a citywide mask mandate. They bleat that they’ll maybe consider it “if things get worse!”

Gentlemen, how much worse does it have to get to warrant your attention? Are 3,000 confirmed cases and zero ICU beds in our hospitals not enough for you? People are dying because of your failure to act. People. Are. Dying.

These city fathers have forfeited the good will and respect of a great many of their fellow citizens, including me. They’ve also forfeited a good many of my tax dollars, as I am now shopping almost exclusively online. And not only am I not shopping locally, I’m telling all my out-of-state friends and family not to even think about coming here for a visit.

I want to be proud of this city again. I want to feel safe. I want a mask mandate.

Christianne Garber Chase, Enid

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