Vicious and stark waves of noise crash,

Beating my ears with the words that clash,

In our society that runs so rampant,

As our ethics become more dampened,

A destroyed future fills my thought,

Being the only future we’ve seemingly got.

The continued disseverance of true morality and political leanings, if continued to and past our current extent, will undoubtedly result in our downfall. Opinions and personal beliefs are to be held as truth nowadays, with us wielding these self-viewed options as facts, stowing all other ideas we disagree with in the dust behind us.

We seemingly seek social cohesion for our values, pasting our thoughts and views upon a canvas for public consumption, rather than basing these thoughts upon well-rounded and backed information. It is easier to listen and accept the ideas of a crowd when you have already assimilated with them.

However, this assimilation of people and the infestation of misinformation is only fueled further by the social platforms. As social cohesion remains our main goal from our beliefs, finding and connecting with those who hold similar views will only allow our current values to grow more radical to any direction of the spectrum. Our radicalization is like a train; once it gets to full speed, it can take miles to reach a halt, that is if a halt is even attempted.

I believe we have the chance to reach a halt, not just personally, but as a population. As we stray farther away from each other, we stray farther from the interconnected community that the early stages of this country depended upon for its survival.

George Washington, in his Farewell Address, stressed his hope that we would avoid political parties, remain interconnected, and not allow our nation to become divided. Yet, here we stand today.

Kelby Buchanan


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