President Trump, the draft evader who never served in the military, yet claimed to "know more about ISIS than the generals," promised voters he'd defeat ISIS (by "bombing the s--- out of them"). It wasn't that easy — we needed help. The Kurds, our only on-the-ground ally against ISIS, joined us, and with their help ISIS was largely defeated.

Estimates of American casualties range from six to 86; more than 11,000 Kurds died in that campaign. Who defeated ISIS? I'd say the Kurds.

Now, in one of history's most brazen, cold-blooded betrayals, Trump greenlighted Turkey's assault on the Kurds. Why? Of all Trump's many bizarre, idiotic statements, his rationalization hit a new low. We owe the Kurds nothing, he explained, because they "didn't help us in the Second World War." Sure: Bosnia, having failed to assist in our Civil War, is worthless, too, and polar bears might as well go extinct because they never helped find a cure for polio.

But wait! A new excuse emerges from yet another "acting" secretary of defense. Turkey said they were attacking, so Trump had no choice but to meekly get out of their way, frightened out of his tiny, little wits by Erdogan's mighty command.

Bring our troops home? Another lie: they're headed for Iraq (plus more to our pals, the Saudis).

The real reason? Trump hates Obama, and wants to annihilate every trace of his legacy. In other words, spite.

If Trump has a conscience, it's hard to perceive; if he retains a shred of basic humanity, it isn't on display. This is a shameful, cowardly, backstabbing episode in a shameful, corrupt, sociopathic presidency.

It's a dangerous world. Someday we'll need friends and allies again. What nation, what people will come to our aid after what we've done to the Kurds?

Court “Corndog” Atchinson


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