Concerns are running rampant right now as fears of COVID-19 interrupt day-to-day living for those in Oklahoma and well, the world.

Some are taking their fear out on things they can, like toilet paper and cleaning products and nonperishables. For the vast majority, it's not to be greedy — it's a driven desire to protect those they love, survive with necessities they fear are going to be needed. There are those staying home for good reasons, those washing hands and maintaining social distance. These include all age groups. Not all are panicked, and that's a good thing. Being aware and following strict guidelines is what is needed for peace of mind, health and consideration for each other.

On the other hand, there are a vast number that while they are aware, are seemingly not concerned about themselves contracting COVID-19. The majority of these fall into the millennial age group. It's not that they don't care about themselves or others, it's that they feel fine and think they are invisible.

The numbers and statics don't lie. Right now, they are the biggest target for contracting COVID-19. The "I'm young and healthy" stance is not working out very well for them at all. Then, those that are strong enough to not get ill can be walking virus donors for those that are receptive to being critically ill.

It is not only millennials. Others also have adopted the theory of "I won't get sick." It's sad that the choices made may not only affect the health of such as these thinkers, but those around them. Most all of them have family, including ones with underlying health conditions, who give them hugs and always welcome them with open arms. They are attending and planning get-togethers in each other's homes. Parents are still planning home birthday parties.

The question is how do we get them to understand and step up to the plate in doing the right thing for themselves and others, follow the rules in place. I fear for this generation right now and others that think "It won't happen to me." That could be an epitaph for too many from COVID-19 right now.

The intention right now is to lower the curve of the pandemic outbreak. That won't happen without the cooperation of everyone. Many say, "I'm washing my hands." That is terrific, but it's simply not enough. Separation from each other is key. The realization is that some can't do that. They work in customer-oriented service jobs to keep us with food and gas, health care providers are in the front lines as well. Yes, you need to grocery shop and shop for those who can't.

The rest of us need to do what we can. Social media is a great outlet to talk. It's OK to post the toilet paper jokes. Laughter is healthy. Phone friends, read a book, walk your dog. Just follow the recommended safe protocols to the best of your ability.

I'm staying home and will wave at you through the window.

Stacy Wilson

A concerned Garfield County resident

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