It’s hasn’t happened in Enid, and we hope it never will.

Enid hospitals have taken steps to make sure it doesn’t happen. It is the abduction of an infant from either St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center or Integris Bass Baptist Health Center.

Both hospitals have plans in place and conduct drills to make sure employees know what to do in such an emergency.

St. Mary’s recently installed a system, known as Hugs and Kisses, in the Birthplace, to strengthen its security efforts. It’s main mission is to prevent a baby abduction.

A small monitor is attached to a baby’s ankle, while another monitor is attached to the mother’s wrist. The monitors make a chime when mother and baby are together.

If a baby is taken close to any Birthplace exit, alarms will sound and the entire place will lock down. Doors lock and elevator doors will not close if the elevator is stopped on the Birthplace floor.

St. Mary’s also includes video surveillance monitoring. Now that they are paired, the Hugs and Kisses system and video surveillance make for increased security.

Another benefit of the Hugs and Kisses system has nothing to do with security. It can monitor how a mother is caring for her child. It allows hospital officials to tell how long it has been since baby and mother have been together.

At Bass, hospital officials didn’t want to talk too much about their security. However, they do have plans in place, including what they term “a very sophisticated infant security system.”

Both hospitals take security seriously, and we are glad to see they do.

We don’t think you can be too safe.

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