Congratulations to Cory Rink, who was sworn in this week as new Garfield County sheriff.

We also want to congratulate Shawna Cornish-Pitman, who was sworn in as undersheriff — the first female undersheriff in county history.

Rink, who has 13 years experience and 1,500 hours of law enforcement training, said his door will always be open to the people of the county.

He said he also plans on getting himself and his deputies out patrolling the rural areas, as well as working with every police department and law enforcement agency in Garfield County and surrounding counties, to better serve the public.

Rink said one of his goals is to get deputies into schools for a school resource program for the county.

Another goal of Rink’s is for the sheriff’s office to solve as many of the crimes that come through as they can.

Rink’s overall duty, he said, is to the community.

“My purpose here is to protect and serve, and that’s everybody, no matter who they are,” Rink said. “I’m going to serve everybody in this county.”

Cornish-Pitman, who has nearly 23 years of experience in law enforcement, said her appointment is a huge accomplishment and empowering.

“Young girls need to know that they can do this, too,” she said. “Don’t ever let anybody tell you just because you’re a woman, you can’t do it.”

Cornish-Pitman and Rink have the same ideas for the direction they want the sheriff’s office to go, including the DARE program, keeping their doors open, being out in rural areas, creating a sense of family in the office and deputy training on things such as investigations, crime scenes, sexual assaults and domestic violence.

We wish them well as they embark on this new journey.

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