Thumbs up to Tillie Sewell for a long, successful career with Enid Public Schools.

More than that, though, is the community service she has provided in so many ways.

Sewell retired earlier this month after 39 years with EPS.

In addition to her duties, she served as secretary to the special education compliance coordinator for much of her time with EPS, she became a go-to for Hispanic parents and students.

Her bilingual skills proved a benefit for many who had questions.

Her work at EPS was only part of the story.

Sewell is a bridal coordinator at St. Francis Catholic Church, served on several boards and committees, including the YMCA and the Salvation Army, and is starting her third year as AM Too AMBUCS president.

Sewell has been a part of AM Too AMBUCS since it was founded and has been involved in the club’s service projects, including raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, dedicating scholarships to therapists in training, supplying modified bikes to the handicapped and sending supplies to troops overseas.


Downtown Enid’s business district is losing a big supporter with the news that Bob Clemens is closing Bell Jewelers and retiring.

Bell Jewelers has long been a fixture downtown.

Clemens, 79, bought the business outright in 1995, although he started working there in July 1963.

He’s a quintessential downtown businessman.

He’s been a booster of downtown since he’s been here, and he’s gone about his business the right way.

As Clemens himself said: “It’s always been fun, it’s been an enjoyable time. I think we did it right. We tried to do it right, of course you have to make a few dollars here and there, but you don’t have to make a fortune off of anyone.”

Thumbs up to Bob Clemens and best wishes in retirement.

When we heard the news we were shocked.


North Enid Police Department needed the public’s help in identifying people who were stealing items from an infant’s grave at Memorial Park Cemetery.

Our first question was why?

Who would steal from a baby’s grave?

That was the question for Tashanna Armstrong and her family.

She buried her son in April 2017 and had been laying gifts and decorations on the grave since.

Unfortunately, they had been turning up missing.

Finally, they had had enough and set up a trail camera to try to catch the perpetrators.

They turned over what images they had to North Enid Police Department.

We can’t imagine someone stooping so low as to steal from a grave.

We hope they receive the punishment they deserve.

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