Financial exploitation of the elderly is a despicable crime that leaves us shaking our heads wondering how someone could treat people that way.

Unfortunately, it seems to be rampant, not just here but across the country.

In the the past week, the News & Eagle has published two stories in which someone has been charged with exploitation of the elderly.

In one instance, a woman was charged and is accused of taking more than $49,000 from a 94-year-old woman for whom she was caring. In the other case, a woman was charged with taking money from her own mother and grandmother.

In both instances, Adult Protective Services made reports with Enid Police Department concerning the victims.

We’d like to commend Adult Protective Services and EPD for their work on uncovering these allegations and conducting investigations that culminated in charges being filed.

Exploiting the elderly is a sad crime. Many times, the elderly remember how things used to be, when people were more trusting and — as the old saying goes — a man’s word was his bond. Too often, people up to no good prey on that trusting nature.

Programs like RSVP of Enid also play a part in uncovering instances of exploitation. RSVP comes into contact with 500 elderly people each day by providing meals and other services. RSVP’s volunteers have seen instances of exploitation and reported them.

We hope family members pay close attention to their loved ones to make sure they aren’t being taken advantage of. That’s a hard thing to do, especially when it is a family member who apparently was involved in the exploitation.

That’s when we are fortunate organizations such as Adult Protective Services and RSVP exist. They do so much in helping older people.

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