As of the time this editorial was written, we didn’t know who won the presidential election, and we may not know for some time.

What we do know is, regardless of the result, our country wins every time we vote because we are allowed to cast ballots in free and open elections.

With that in mind, we hope everyone — from the candidates on down — will accept the results. No, we don’t expect everyone to be happy, but we do hope cooler heads prevail and we don’t see any outbreaks of violence because of the results.

We live in contentious times politically, and the situation seems to have been exacerbated this year for several reasons, not the least of which has been the disruption of our daily lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen businesses shuttered, schools closed, millions lose their jobs across the country. Tensions have been high as a result, and it’s shown during this presidential election cycle.

We’ve been through volatile times politically throughout our country’s history, but one thing has been constant. We’ve always made it through the tough times.

This election will be no different. Our country is strong, but we sometimes seem to be our own worst enemy. What used to be just partisan politics has been taken to a new level. The hatred we see now from candidates, from people on social media and in our streets, can’t continue.

Once we know the outcome, we need to set aside the hatred. We must come together again as Americans and work for the common good of our country.

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