We’re finally able to gather with friends and family again. We are able to dine indoors without mask mandates. We are able to attend sporting events and enjoy baseball and basketball this summer. And, we’re able to travel more freely again by airplane.

So, why are some people being such jerks?

The past couple of weeks have seen some high profile stories of very unruly behavior at ballgames, on airplanes, in stores and out in restaurants and bars.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that 2,500 people have been flagged for unruly behavior on airplanes since the beginning of the year. Those include about 1,900 reports of passengers refusing to comply with the federal face mask mandate. The most serious was a passenger punching a Southwest Airline flight attendant in the face last week doing some pretty significant damage.

And, then there’s the NBA basketball playoffs. Players have been spit on, had things thrown at them and even had a fan dive onto the floor. Players are used to fans booing them or trash talking; however, these latest incidents are quite troubling.

We are seeing increased incidents of random violence while people are just out in public. This week in Oklahoma City, a man sucker punched a woman who was walking into a nightclub. The two did not know each other, and it just came out of nowhere.

No one seems to have an answer for what is going on beyond blaming the year of lockdowns and stress of the pandemic for making people anxious and edgy. However, this bad behavior is causing companies to change service policies for customers, which ruins it for other customers who aren’t behaving badly.

Companies having to serve as disciplinarians to their customers won’t go over well. It’s time for everyone to just settle down and think of others before they act out. Throwing tantrums only results in the perpetrator being arrested or banned from a business, and it also puts anyone around them at risk.

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