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In every daily newspaper issue, our job is to bring you the best local journalism we can. Our bread and butter is obviously local and state coverage. That’s why we employ professionally trained journalists in the largest newsroom in Northwest Oklahoma to cover important local and state issues that affect those living in our communities, both in news and sports. Those stories use documented facts and attributed sources to provide objective journalism.

On the opinion page, we publish clearly marked editorials and an assortment of wide-ranging political viewpoints. That includes subjective views of the local editorial board — which includes News & Eagle editors, plus guest members to help represent community sentiment — when we reach a consensus and feel we can lend something to the conversation.

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Not everyone agrees with all the viewpoints we publish, but we do not censor points of view on the Opinion page. We edit for grammar and style and allow issue-oriented criticism that avoids personal attacks.

Recently, we received a letter to the editor criticizing the News & Eagle for bashing President Donald Trump. Readers are often curious about the process of news story selection, particularly the non-local stories we choose to run. As participants in Trusting News — a nationwide project designed to demystify the issue of trust in the news business — we’ll now address some of the current events coverage we print.

We do pay for the right to publish content from The Associated Press, because we think it’s important to help you stay up to date on national and world news. We’ve found the journalism produced by the not-for-profit news cooperative, in general, to be consistent with our standards.

A 2018 Gallup/Knight Foundation survey found AP among the least biased major news outlets along with PBS News.

If you have a concern about a specific news report — or feel a particular news story is biased — we’d appreciate your feedback.

Likewise, with published opinions, if you disagree with a particular viewpoint, you can let us know your own opinion. We’ll do our best to clearly mark editorial pieces that are more analysis or commentary and not actual news.

We want to know what you think, so we can talk about your feedback with our journalists and also pass it along to our Trusting News partners.

You can reach us at enidnews@enid news.com, editor@enidnews.com or violeth@enidnews.com.

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