A Southeast Oklahoma lawmaker has introduced another head-slapping proposal that would require the Oklahoma State Department of Health to create a government database basically “numbering” pregnant women in Oklahoma.

The bill would require that the agency assign each pregnant woman a “unique identifying number” so that a “care agent” can try to identify women who might seek an abortion. The bill requires a woman seeking an abortion be given a pre-abortion resource access assistance offer. If she accepts, she’ll be given information on support services.

Do you agree or disagree with legislation proposed in SB 1167 that would require Oklahoma Health Department to create a government database with identifying information for all women seeking abortions and assign each pregnant woman a “unique identifying number?

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If it weren’t so dystopian, it might be funny. But it’s not funny at all, because what he is proposing is creating a database delving into the most personal and private information possible for one set of the population, specifically pregnant women.

Even those opposed to abortion have to think hard about the consequences of such a proposal. Let’s substitute “pregnant women” for “men seeking vasectomies,” and then see what kind of support this would get.

Rep. George Burns, R-Pollard, calls his legislation the “Every Mother Matters” bill, contending that many women facing unexpected pregnancies turn to abortion because they feel they have no choice. He also contends the legislation would help identify women who have been victims of a crime, such as human trafficking, and appropriate law enforcement agencies could get involved.

While some of those thoughts seem noble, this type of proposal is not the way to come to the aid of women who are victims of sexual assault or human trafficking.

It appears that the 2022 legislation session will be rife with anti-abortion legislation proposals, just as last year’s session.

Proposing legislation that would seek to provide alternatives to abortion is one thing. Proposing legislation that would create a seven-year government database of pregnant women violates every tenet of health care privacy imaginable and is not worthy of consideration.

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