COLUMN: What if Biden had been leading?

Let’s play a game.

Imagine for a moment it was Joe Biden who held a massive lead (six figures) in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but Trump suddenly saw an incredible surge of votes counted in those states long after most folks went to bed. The surge being so great as to overtake what most reasonable observers would have considered to be an insurmountable lead. It being so vast it was the catalyst that tipped the Electoral College balance in Trump’s favor.

How do you think the national media would have responded? It’s not hard to figure it out. The calls would be going out for immediate investigations as soon as daylight broke the day after the election. After all, surely Trump had to be involved in some chicanery.

One thing we can be reasonably assured of, the national media wouldn’t be providing cover for Trump, insisting everything was above board and that we should accept these very questionable results and move along. But that is what is happening with Biden being the beneficiary of those mysterious late-night vote counts and being declared the winner by much of the national news media.

While much of the national media insists its projections are beyond being questioned — because if it is one thing the national press hates, it’s being proven wrong — there are significant signs their projections may not hold up.

Real Clear Politics, which is pretty much down-the-middle nonpartisan, currently shows Biden’s Electoral College total at 259, which is 11 below the needed 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president.

There is reason to believe even that number could decrease.

Georgia has just declared it will do a full hand recount of its ballots. Irregularities have been alleged (some by affidavit) by poll observers in Philadelphia and Detroit, potentially enough to impact the outcome of the voting in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The margins remain razor thin in battleground states. Arizona is tightening as the counting continues.

The ongoing counting, the air of potential shenanigans and the specter of a potentially tainted election should raise not just the ire of voters, but ignite the investigative fires of enterprising journalists.

Instead, the national media have focused on insisting all is good and turned its attention on discrediting any such thought of the election being anything less than pristine.

There is an actual air of jubilation among the national media, happy to be rid of Trump who vigorously called out the media during his first term, but who could blame Trump?

Trump’s first term started with the phony Russian collusion and every accomplishment was given only passing notice while the nonstop drumbeat was maintained by pundits of corruption or malfeasance that could never be proven.

It’s been a very uncomfortable war between much of the mainstream national media and Trump. It seems to be potentially culminating in a very unsatisfying outcome.

Facebook and Twitter long abandoned any notion of impartiality and now tag every post from Trump with disclaimers. Even a post on Facebook by Trump about honoring veterans on Veterans Day was slapped with a Facebook tag.

The national press, aided and abetted by Big Tech, worked to suppress what should have been a campaign-busting scandal involving Biden’s son Hunter and corroborated by a witness. The information that was discovered on Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop relative to Ukranian and Chinese business dealings, and reported by the New York Post, would have shaken most political campaigns to their very core.

Remember that game we played at the beginning? Let’s play it again. Imagine if the laptop had belonged to Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump. Do you think the media would have simply shrugged or engaged in suppression?

If there is any doubt still as to whether the national media was cheering for a Biden win and was thrilled with their reporting of a Biden electoral victory, it was erased when ABC’s official Twitter account tweeted “Fireworks lit up the sky over London, England, after Joe Biden was characterized to be the apparent winner of the presidential election.” It was accompanied by photo of the fireworks.

There was just one small problem with ABC’s tweet. It was 100% wrong.

The fireworks were not in relation to anything to do with Biden, but as The Daily Mail reported, was an annual celebration called “Bonfire Night” to commemorate the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a plot to overthrow King James I.

The tweet revealed a couple of troubling concerns. First, that a premier American media outlet could be so demonstrably ignorant, but also provided a plausible look into the mindset of the national media. To much of it, Biden’s election is a celebration surely worthy of fireworks.

It also could go a long way toward explaining why the message 71 million Trump voters are receiving is they have no business questioning the outcome of the election (even though much of the same group told us that Russia tainted the 2016 election).

However, with serious questions still swirling, votes still being counted and legitimate challenges being made, many Americans are sending a message back to the national media: We’re not playing your game.

Ruthenberg is a multiple award-winning columnist and writer for the Enid News & Eagle. Contact him at

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