“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” ~ Rutger Hauer’s soliloquy from “Blade Runner”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m constantly wanting to re-experience things from my past.

These days when I do, I remember points of light — points of things that make me smile in my mind — like my college days.

I once shared a quote from my freshman year, when I covered my first story for OU’s Oklahoma Daily student newspaper, in a February 2015 column. Pulitzer Prize winning author and poet Robert Penn Warren opened a talk at a Norman school with the words, “I look more like I do now than I did a minute ago.”

Those words have stayed with me all these years, to the point that I think about them just about every day.

You see, that turn of phrase said to me we are always looking back, but are forced by time to look forward — because I/we constantly seek to return to the comfort of some long-past memory.

Every now and then — and it’s more then than now — do you ever have one of those moments where you feel like a million dollars? Like everything is going just right, you feel great, the food you ate tasted wonderful that day and all your senses seem alive?

We want those snippets of time to last and last, but they never do.

Whenever that feeling comes over me, I instantly get nostalgic, and want to return to another moment in my life where I just felt great.

I’ve always wondered if we’ve ever come up with a word for that feeling?

Euphoria comes close, but no cigar.

Maybe the happiness part.

As most of us are wont to do, our minds drift back on us when we aren’t paying attention to what we are doing at the moment, and remember something from our past that made us happy.

It doesn’t even have to be a happy moment, but the memory makes us feel good just the same.

Like the 37-plus years I worked full- or part-time at our print shop and weekly newspaper in my hometown of Waukomis, and I’d get to work with my dad and address whatever challenge awaited me — or him — on a particular day. And there were plenty.

It seemed like endless drudgery at the time, but as I sat at my laptop keyboard Thursday, those memories were like a calm, slightly cool spring day, when everything was just right with the weather and you didn’t want that feeling to end.

Heck, there were those sweltering summer days when that big old evaporative water cooler that tried in vain to keep our print shop cool, are fond memories — even those times I used to cuss because on its best day the worn and ink-stained concrete floor we worked on would be a bit slick and slimy from too much moisture in the air.

Working in sometimes dull light, with the clattering sounds and type-wash smells, all the frustrations and challenges of being a printer have been lost in time.

Those days will never return, even if I occasionally long for them.

As our weather forecast for the next week appears on the horizon, we’re headed into another patch of really hot weather here in Oklahoma.

Nothing new, we’ve had it before.

But I noticed that early next week’s forecast high may get to 113 — actual, not heat index.

OK, that’s too hot.

But, when it comes around Tuesday, I’ll conjure up a childhood memory of those steamy days when my neighborhood friend Kelsey and I would run around in shorts or just jeans — no shirts — and do whatever it was kids did in our day.

We would move about from one good shade tree to the next, not worrying about how we’d sleep in the night heat with the windows open, or what dinner was going to bring for our hungry stomachs.

We long for carefree days because memories are always better than the original experience.

I really don’t want to sweat that much in coming days, but it’s a small price to pay to bring back those memories.

I don’t want to relive wearing those new, stiff-as-a-board Levis that I started grade school in every late-August.

I remember giving my mom hell for sending me off each day to school, because I hated how those jeans felt on my sweaty legs.

No school air conditioning you see — and I walked to school uphill, both ways.

I look more like I do now than I did a minute ago. Yep, nothing I can do about that now. Nothing any of us can do … but look ahead, just like life intended.

We can’t jump off the world, even if we wanted to.

But ... we are left with all those memories.

Christy is news editor at the Enid News & Eagle. Visit his column blog at www.tinyurl.com/Column-Blog.

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Christy is news editor at the Enid News & Eagle. Visit his column blog at www.tinyurl.com/Column-Blog.

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