COLUMN: The wrong whistleblower

This has been a pretty spectacular week for Trump triggering. There wasn't enough popcorn in our household for all the entertainment provided by the left's latest meltdowns.

It all started Monday when the World Series champion Washington Nationals paid a visit to the White House. First, the mere fact the Nationals gladly accepted an invitation to the White House shook the resistance to its very core. A sports team considering it an honor to be invited to the White House had to hit them like a 95 mph fastball square in their sensibilities.

But it got much better. Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki had the audacity, the pure temerity, to pull out a "Make America Great Again" cap and don it.

The so-called MAGA cap has morphed into a symbol that sets the left into unfettered apoplectic fits of rage. On cue, they lost it on Twitter — its alternative universe of non-reality — unable to fathom not everybody shares their opinion. Maybe most troubling, it challenges their very orthodoxy to have to discover that Trump remains extremely popular.

The most spectacularly unhinged meltdown belonged to Twitter blue-check Los Angeles-based Bill Palmer, who maintains something called the "Palmer Report" billed as "political analysis ahead of the curve."

Palmer tweeted and later deleted: "Putting on a MAGA hat is a form of racist hate speech and an implicit threat of violence. Kurt Suzuki should be banned from baseball. If you don't like this then f*** you."

After he was called out, he doubled down.

"If he wore a swastika hat, he'd get banned from baseball — and a MAGA hat is no different," he tweeted and later deleted.

Ah yes, breaking out the tired, old Nazi canard.

Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman also stepped up to the plate and sent liberal heads into orbit.

"Thank you for keeping everyone here safe in our country and continuing to make America the greatest country to live in the world," Zimmerman told Trump.

Hoo boy, thanking Trump and calling America great. Pure evil.

As if Monday afternoon wasn't bad enough for the resistance, "Dancing With The Stars" further sent them into alternately a deep depression and fitful outrage Monday night as former White House press spokesman Sean Spicer was not voted off the show. Their hatred for Spicer is exceeded only by hate for Trump.

Both The New York Times and CNN were instantly triggered.

"Sean Spicer's dancing has consistently been the worst on 'Dancing With The Stars,' our critic says. Yet, he's still on," tweeted New York Times Arts.

"Sean Spicer just made it through to another week of 'Dancing' — the other contestants looked shocked," tweeted CNN's Brian Stelter.

What they are seeing is simple. People, quite tired of the constant drumbeat from the self-appointed intelligentsia, are delivering a solid rebuke.

Desperate to find solace, the national media-led resistance are even looking to a TV dance show for their confirmation bias and are coming up empty there as well.

The great irony? Other than obsessing over a former press secretary's dancing ability on a contrived reality show? They can't handle Spicer winning ... wait for it ... by popular vote.

Maybe that's why Stelter is reduced to reporting on the number of typos in Trump's tweets for some sense of smug self-gratification. Seriously, CNN's hilariously named "Reliable Sources" aired a report from Stelter that revealed Trump has made (gasp) 188 typos in his tweets based on an analysis by "@FactbaseFeed" that reviewed all of Trump's tweets since Inauguration Day. Imagine being both that obsessed and having that much time on your hands.

The best part though was Stelter, in defense of his report, closing his tweet with "Accuracy always matters." Did he forget he works at CNN?

Still, it was probably better for his mental well-being than to have to report on actual numbers that really matter, such as what had to be the deeply troubling poll results from The New York Times released on Monday.

The Times' poll, in its own words, demonstrated "signs that the president's advantage in the Electoral College has persisted or even increased since 2016." Oh sure, the poll trumpeted that Trump trails Biden and Warren in national polling, but the real numbers were in the battleground states.

As the Dems no doubt realize by now, the presidential election is not a national vote but a series of state elections, and the Times poll revealed a very inconvenient truth. Trump, despite the constant drumbeat of negativity and faux impeachment inquiries, has not withered in the face of their onslaught. Nor has his support.

Just pass the MAGA hat and keep on dancing.

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