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Well, here’s to a very weird Thanksgiving. It is safe to say that never in the modern history of our nation, outside of wartime or depression, have we experienced a more stressful holiday season.

Some may question if we really have much to be thankful for this year.

From the stresses of government imposing on our freedoms in the name of a pandemic that, at least in Oklahoma, has a mortality rate of less than 1% of positive cases, to serious questions being raised about our presidential election, it’s been a rough road.

Sill, we do have plenty to be thankful for, though it may not be immediately evident on the surface.

Just earlier this week the stock market reached a peak that was considered unreachable when the Dow Jones average hit 30,000. According to The White House official Twitter, it was the ninth time a record was set in 2020 alone. It also marked 48th time a new record was set during the Trump administration.

The stock market’s incredible performance over the last four years has meant Americans have been able to realize significant gains in their 401(k) retirement plans. It certainly was not what many feared when Trump was elected. I had a friend who openly expressed concern over the stock market’s collapse upon his election. Since then, her 401(k) has shown the opposite was true and today she is a staunch supporter of Trump.

The gains of the past four years under Trump are undeniable.

From an economy that was absolutely roaring pre-COIVD that included record levels of low unemployment across several demographics to renewed respect internationally that included new peace agreements between Middle East nations never thought possible (and have resulted in multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominations for Trump), the U.S. has experienced a rebirth of pride.

Let’s also not gloss over the fact we no longer have the frequent specter of ISIS terrorists kidnapping and beheading innocent Americans.

Americans have never been safer.

However, despite all of this, much of the national media is working overtime to convince us of the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s reported (but not in all quarters) win over Trump during the most recent election. You are likely asking yourself how a candidate who at times on the campaign trail seemed to be suffering from signs of cognitive dissonance and barely had enough supporters at his rallies to stand in carefully spaced-out circles could have possibly won.

Those massive Trump rallies were not a mirage and were a clear indicator of the popularity of Trump.

We are being told a candidate whose party lost seats in the House of Representatives, did not take the U.S. Senate and did not flip any state legislatures could have won the presidential election. We are actually being told essentially the coat crossed the finish line but not the coattails.

That alone is troubling and should give any clear-thinking person pause for concern. However, some very disturbing allegations of voting irregularities have been raised. Voting is the most precious commodity we have, and if we can’t trust the election process, then the entire foundation of our constitutional republic collapses.

So, how does that give us anything to be thankful for you may reasonably ask.

The good news is Trump is not willing to see that happen and has rightfully not conceded when so many questions remain.

We should be thankful we have a president willing to fight for our republic.

Finally, I am thankful to live in a community that values its freedom and is not willing to conform and subject itself to having freedoms taken away during a time politicians acting more as dictators are imposing preposterous restrictions on our freedom and spreading more COVID-19 hysteria through their decrees.

I am thankful our citizenry did not stand by idly and silently while an activist politician crusaded to force mask mandates upon the community to ostensibly fight a virus with a better than 99% chance of survivability and recovery, who then made it feel more like a personal vendetta was being waged when the mask mandate failed.

I am proud freedom-loving folks are standing strong in the face of what seems like withering and unrelenting, finger-wagging shaming efforts.

They have been unfairly castigated as uncaring and as “COVID deniers” among other things. Nothing is further from the truth. While others want to mandate, those who have been active in this matter have repeatedly stated no objection to anyone wearing a mask, but vigorously oppose efforts at forced compliance that infringes on their freedom.

Swimming upstream against an unrelenting tide takes strength and courage. But that essentially is the story of America’s founding.

I am thankful President Trump and our freedom-loving local citizens continue to display such courage and determination.

Ruthenberg is a multiple award-winning columnist and writer for the Enid News & Eagle. Contact him at

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Ruthenberg is sports editor for the Enid News & Eagle.

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