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President-elect Joe Biden recently announced the theme for his inauguration: America Untied. With an apparent straight face no less. It’s the same thing we heard shortly after the November election. We were told it was time for America to unite behind the party that steadfastly refused to accept the previous election results for the last four years.


It made me instantly recall of one of the movie world’s best lines from the film “Princess Bride.” “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”

What we have seen so far from the Democrats, from Biden and from their cohorts in Big Tech is anything but a desire to unite.

Instead, what we are seeing is an all-out effort to destroy and further divide an already potentially hopelessly divided nation. It does not portend well and seems to harken the beginning of some very dark times in terms of basic tenets of meaningful discourse and governance.

If Biden was truly interested in uniting America he could take an actual first step in leadership by telling Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D.-Calif., to stand down.

Trump has stated he will leave the White House and support a peaceful transition of power even as he firmly believes — as do several million Americans — that serious questions remain about the election results.

In the aftermath of the unfortunate events of Jan. 6 that saw a group of agitators turn a rally into an ugly, violent siege on Capitol Hill, the Democrats, the national media and Big Tech have had one objective and that is the complete destruction and elimination of Donald Trump in terms of his presidency. Nothing appears to be off the table to achieve those means.

First, we had the House absurdly giving Vice President Mike Pence a deadline to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office under threat of impeachment. Pence wisely brushed that aside. However, now we have the equally preposterous spectacle of the House pursuing a second impeachment of Trump, seven days before he is scheduled to leave office.

If Biden wants to convince the roughly 74 million voters who did not vote for him that he was truly interested in uniting America, it needed to start with him reining in this purely vindictive move.

As the Wall Street Journal noted in a recent editorial, impeachment “would further enrage Mr. Trump’s supporters in a way that won’t help Mr. Biden govern, much less heal partisan divisions.”

What is needed is an actual adult to step up and tamp things down. But this is politics and this is D.C., where adulting seems to be in seriously short supply.

But what has followed is even more insidious as Big Tech in the form of social media behemoths Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and Amazon have conspired to completely silence opposition to anything that does not conform to their idea of proper thinking. The scary part? They are getting away with it with nary any objection from the left.

Trump has been permanently banned by the major social media platforms. Conservative thought is being completely purged as these platforms continue to throttle any voices that raise either a concern about the election or dare voice support for Trump.

With conservatives being bullied and blocked from these platforms, many turned to Parler as an alternative mainly to Twitter. But allowing any opposing voices to flourish was clearly something Big Tech did not condone and Amazon pulled its server support for Parler, as the platform went dark with no servers to host it.

Let’s leave aside for now whether one agrees or disagrees with either side. What we are losing is the ability to tolerate any kind of dissension. If one side does not agree, it simply labels the other side’s beliefs dangerous and out of the mainstream of their way of thinking.

This is beyond dangerous. It is certainly reminiscent of totalitarian regimes throughout recent history. In other words, get your mind right or suffer the consequences.

The most important aspect of free speech (which Americans had always cherished and defended) is that the speech you should most defend is that with which you do not agree. Without that, we are indeed slinking downward into totalitarianism.

From all early indications though, that is Biden’s America.

It’s certainly not “America United.”

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