If you subscribe to Suddenlink Cable TV Service, please read this letter carefully.

According to their representative, in February 2009 Suddenlink will furnish only digital cable television service. (Of course, at additional cost to subscribers). This is not a mandate of the Government or FCC (1-888-225-5322). It is Suddenlink’s choice to cause you to pay more for cable service.

Also according to Suddenlink, when this change is made, unless your television sets are newer sets (digital ready), you will not be able to get TV reception unless you do the following:

1. Purchase new TV’s that can receive digital signals.

2. Rent converter boxes from Suddenlink for each TV you own.

3. Pay additional costs for digital service.

At this date, the City of Enid does not have a contract with Suddenlink and therefore has no regulatory authority over them. The city and Suddenlink plan to meet Tuesday for discussions. Your only protection may be from this meeting. In the past, the city has been lax in this regard.

I urge you to contact your elected representatives, the city manager and city attorney, and ask them to set Suddenlink straight: any plan to sock it to the Enid subscribers won’t fly.

By the way, Cox Communications told me they have no plan to penalize their subscribers in this manner. Also, a Suddenlink supervisor assured me today if you are presently a subscriber you will see no change in your cable TV service. Confusing isn’t it? Stay tuned!

Jim Allen


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