Our country must find a way to move beyond the hatred and divisiveness that pervades our political system.

Everyone, regardless of party or political thought, should be mad, upset and ashamed at what happened in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday when an angry mob invaded the U.S. Capitol. The protesters disrupted Congress’ work to certify the Electoral College vote, and sadly, one person was shot to death, a woman who was among the mob that invaded the Capitol. Three others died of medical emergencies.

Before dawn, members of Congress finally finished their work, certifying the vote and making it official that Joe Biden will become president on Jan. 20.

President Donald Trump, who up until then had continued to press to have the vote overturned on unproven allegations of fraud across the country, finally released a statement begrudgingly accepting Biden’s victory and saying he would conduct an orderly transition of power.

But, that all brings us back to where we are now — a fractured nation in which many Republicans and Democrats see each other as the enemy, rather than just as a political opponent with different views. The spirit of cooperation — the spirit of compromise — seems all but dead.

As a nation, we can’t continue like this. It’s one thing to peacefully protest — that right is guaranteed in the Constitution — but it’s another to resort to mob violence, which we’ve seen too often in the past year. Too often we have seen protests degenerate into violence.

The guiding document for our nation — the Constitution — is a shining example of compromise. None of the competing factions among our Founding Fathers got everything they wanted as they worked to create our country. But, they were able to create a document that worked then, and still works now. They didn’t get everything right, but in their wisdom they made it so the Constitution could be amended, so it could change with the times.

We need to find the spirit of our Founding Fathers again.

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