Storms cause damage in Ames, Kremlin areas

The Ames co-op station suffered damage Monday as severe thunderstorms produced strong straight-line winds. (Photo by Connie Bierig Wood)

Severe thunderstorms caused damage Monday evening as they moved through Northwest Oklahoma, particularly in the Ames and Kremlin areas.

As of 9 p.m., OG&E System Watch 362 people without power in the area, most of them around Ames. Mike Ruby, community affairs manager for OG&E, said straight-line winds in the Ames area blew down several poles.

Residents of Ames said much of the town suffered damage to trees and some buildings.

Jeff Baker, Kremlin Fire Department chief, said he still was assessing damage, but many trees were blown down, blocking some roads. In addition, some of the baseball field's lights were blown over, and a set of metal bleachers weighing about 1,500 pound was blown through a fence. He also had reports of barns being damaged and garage doors at some houses blown in.

He estimated wind gusts to be at least 75 mph.

Mike Honigsberg, certified director of Enid and Garfield County Emergency Management, said the storms built up over Ames and pulsed up and down, which created the strong wind gusts.

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