Rink announces candidacy for sheriff

Cory S. Rink

Noble County Sheriff's Office deputy and Covington Volunteer Fire Department member Cory S. Rink has announced his candidacy for Garfield County sheriff.

Candidates must file April 8-10 for the Nov. 3 general election. The primary election is June 30. If needed, a primary runoff is set for Aug. 25. Sheriffs serve four-year terms.

Rink, a resident of Covington, has 11 years of law enforcement experience, more than 1,500 hours of law enforcement training; more than 1,500 hours of firefighter and emergency management training; holds an intermediate law enforcement certification; and is police chief and fire chief certified, which consists of day-to-day operations, budgets, personal issues and management training. He is a certified instructor and has a defensive tactics instructor certification from Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training.

"I want to be sheriff of Garfield County because I believe in what it represents: protecting life and property," Rink said. "I've been a deputy for over 11 years. I enjoy my job every day and helping people has always been my main concern. I want to be sheriff because I want our deputies involved in our community and to interact with the citizens, old and young."

As sheriff, Rink said he would make community policing a priority, as well as training for all employees of the sheriff's office.

"I want to see our deputies in schools. I would love to bring the D.A.R.E. program back and see a school resource officer. We need to protect our kids in our communities," he said. "I believe we should have the best trained deputies that Garfield County can provide, and this includes the dispatchers and the jailers."

Rink said if elected sheriff, he would implement a training program for employees and see that crimes are investigated to conclusion.

"I want to investigate our crimes throughout the county. I don’t just want to take a report and leave it hanging," he said. "I want a full investigation. If someone was burglarized, I want them to get their stuff back."

Rink said he also would see about getting pay raises for employees.

"Our jailers are not getting paid enough," he said.

Rink said as sheriff he would promote proactive policing, such as when he was a deputy in the department.

"Those are things I’m wanting to bring back. I want to have an investigative team that is going to go out and be proactive and put an end toward criminal activity," he said. "Back when I was there under Sheriff (Bill) Winchester, I remember even the sheriff would get out and get involved in drug busts, closing the doors on meth houses. I want to close doors to meth houses. We don’t need that leaking into our schools."

Rink said as sheriff, he would ensure the department worked with other agencies to bring criminals to justice.

"Sometimes crimes bleed over into another county. We should be able to work with other agencies," he said. "I want to implement community policing. Putting together some neighborhood watch programs throughout Garfield County because the citizens are our eyes and ears.

"We need to have a good community working relationship between our deputies and the citizens of Garfield County."

While working in Noble County, Rink said he improved his abilities in paper service, courts, transports, effective patrol operations and investigations.

This is the second time Rink has sought the office of sheriff of Garfield County. He ran against Jerry Niles in the 2016 election, taking 41.46%, or 2,448, of the total votes cast by Republicans in the primary that year.

He said he learned the values of hard work, honesty and helping his fellow man growing up on the farm.

Rink has been a lifelong member of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Covington and sits on the church board as a trustee. He also is a member of Enid Noon AMBUCS.

Rink purchased his grandmother’s farm in 2007, and he and his wife, Ashley, raise their four children, John, Jackson, Charlotte and Henry, there.

For more information, visit Rink's web site at www.votecoryrink.com or his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/751800364965622/.

Sheriff Jody Helm and Garfield County Deputy Dariel Momsen both have announced via social media their candidacy for sheriff.

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