An 18-year-old Ringwood man was arrested early Sunday morning on a complaint of driving under the influence following in a single-vehicle rollover at Garriott and Cleveland.

The crash occurred at 4:32 a.m. Sunday when a westbound 2005 Ford F-250 struck the south curb of Garriott, drove into the grass in front of a business and drove back into the street, according to an Enid Police Department collision report. The truck rolled onto its top, rotated 180 degree and slid into a utility and traffic pole on the southeast corner of the intersection.

The driver of the Ford, Luis Aguilar-Reya told Enid Police Department Officer David Sneed he was not hurt and did not want medical to check him, according to an incident report filed in the case. Sneed noted seeing small glass shards on the ride side of Aguilar-Reya's face and a small cut on his left hand. Sneed asked Aguilar-Reya to speak with medical personnel just in case.

Sneed spoke with a witness to the crash. She said the truck swerved at the red light and began to roll over until it hit a utility pole, according to the report. She said the truck came to a stop on its roof.

The witness said she helped Aguilar-Reya out of the vehicle and said he appeared to be "shock," according to the report. She said Aguilar-Reya asked about a dog and a "human friend" that did not appear to be in the vehicle. She said Aguilar-Reya appeared confused at the time.

Sneed spoke with Aguilar-Reya again, noting despite the heavy wind he could smell an odor of intoxicating beverages coming from Aguilar-Reya's breath, according to the report. Sneed noted Aguilar-Reya had red, watery bloodshot eyes and spoke with slurred speech.

Aguilar-Reya said he saw a red light at the intersection and stepped on the brakes to stop, according to the report. He said the brakes must have locked up and then the vehicle rolled over. He said he could not really remember what happened after he slammed on the brakes.

Sneed asked Aguilar-Reya if he had any alcohol that nigh,t and Aguilar-Reya said he did not have any alcohol, according to the report. Aguilar-Reya also said he does not use any type of drugs. Sneed asked Aguilar-Reya if he would do a series of standard field sobriety tests and Aguilar-Reya said he would.

Aguilar-Reya exhibited multiple clues during the three tests administered, according to the report. He was placed under arrest on a complaint of driving under the influence of alcohol. Aguilar-Reya was transported to Garfield County Detention Facility.

Officer Greg Schaer performed two breath tests on Aguilar-Reya. The first result was a 0.2 and the second a 0.17, according to the report. During booking, a count of destruction of city property was added to the count of aggravated DUI.

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