North Enid Police Department is seeking help from the public in identifying a man and woman who they believe have been stealing items from an infant's grave at Memorial Park Cemetery.

The infant's family shared footage with police, captured from a camera put in place by the family, when items continued to go missing from their son's grave month after month. According to the department, the two people pictured were recorded taking things from the grave on several occasions.

Police said the vehicle seen in the provided still is a black Ford F-150. Anyone with information is asked to call North Enid Police Department at (580) 237-5800.

For more than two years, Tashanna Armstrong has laid gifts and decorations at her son's grave. Some store bought, some hand made, from his siblings, from his father, his grandparents, from herself. Thoughtfully selected, hand delivered. Then these things disappear.

"When we leave it out here for him and then to find it go missing, it's like losing a little piece of him again," she said.

In November, Armstrong and her husband set up a deer camera with a line of sight on the grave, she said.

It captured video of a man and a woman, and a black Ford F-150.

"It's so disrespectful, and I just want it stopped," she said. "We should be able to put stuff out there for our loved ones and not have to worry about their graves being basically desecrated."

Her son was buried April 2017, and every week since his family visits him, Armstrong said. Every month they lay more items out for him, knowing odds are good they'll soon be gone.

"It started about a month after we buried him," she said. "But here lately we're replacing stuff left and right."

Stuffed animals, toy cars, solar lights, ornaments, statues, pinwheels from Dollar Tree, anything might get taken.

"We've even go so far as to try and weigh stuff down to make it hard for them to take, but they still take it," she said. "Nothing seems to deter them."

Armstrong has three other children, two sons, 14 and 1 year old, and a daughter, 11.

"They've suffered a huge loss, losing a sibling ... they're still going through the grieving process," she said. "When they go out and see his stuff is missing ... they take it hard.

"It's the lowest of the low to steal from a grave."

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