Erratic suspect said he took 'meth, baby!'


TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — A man who was purportedly on drugs was arrested after he threw a rock at officers and refused to comply with their commands.

On Nov. 2, Tahlequah Police Officer Brian Jordan was dispatched around 2 a.m. to Roadway Inn on a report of a man who had gotten into an employee's vehicle. When the officer arrived, he could see Nathaniel Justice standing in the foyer and screaming at the employee through the glass. The man walked outside and toward Jordan.

"Justice was not wearing a shirt, and was sweating profusely despite the temperature being 35 degrees," Jordan said in the report. "He was talking very rapidly and was not making any sense."

Jordan asked Justice several times for his name and what the problem was. Justice wouldn't answer but kept saying, "You know me." He also said he was "bleeding out" and that dogs were trying to attack him.

Jordan said he had never met Justice before this incident and didn't know who he was. He suspected the man to be under the influence and asked him what he had taken.

"Justice refused to answer and began to walk away. I pulled out my Taser and held it behind my back because he was not being compliant," Jordan said.

When he told the man to come back, Justice stopped where his cap was on the ground and bent over. Jordan thought he was picking up the cap, but instead, he grabbed a rock from the flower bed and threw it backward at the officer. Jordan said the rock struck him in the leg and Justice began to walk away again.

"I again gave Justice a command to come back and at the time, he turned and started toward me aggressively," said Jordan.

Jordan pointed his Taser at Justice and told him to get on the ground. When Justice saw the Taser, he began to walk away. When the officer told him to get on the ground again, Justice sat down on the curb. Jordan removed the cartridge from the Taser and held it to his back until additional officers arrived and put the suspect in handcuffs.

Shanan Cogburn said Justice came into the hotel and was acting very erratic and kept saying, "You know me." Justice became agitated and threw his phone and struck the glass between the two men. He walked outside and opened the door of Cogburn's car, which was in the parking lot.

"Cogburn said he pushed the panic button on his car remote and Justice then popped the trunk lid," said Jordan.

He opened the trunk and reached in, then shut the lid and walked back into the foyer, where he continued to yell until policed arrived.

Officer Michael Gray asked the man what drugs he had taken and he said, "Meth, baby!" He was taken the Cherokee County Detention Center, where he was booked for burglary-second-degree, public intoxication, and assault and battery on a police officer. While he was getting booked, he spit on one of the detention officers and had to be placed in the restraint chair.

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