Man arraigned on charges of child neglect, endangerment by DUI

Jonathan Wade Chambers

ENID, Okla. — A 44-year-old Enid man was arraigned Thursday on charges of child neglect and child endangerment by driving under the influence stemming from an Aug. 13 traffic stop.

Jonathan Wade Chambers appeared before Special District Judge Brian Lovell free on $3,500 bond. He appeared without an attorney and was ordered to return to court Oct. 7 for a bond appearance.

Chambers faces from one year in county to up to life in prison on the neglect charge and up to four years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000 on the endangerment charge.

He also faces a felony count of DUI alcohol subsequent offense and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing an officer.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 13, Enid Police Department Officer Cody Smith was patrolling in the area of 1500 East Chestnut when he saw a Buick Century with a third brake light out. Smith saw the vehicle continue west toward 10th and almost strike the north curb of Chestnut and swerve back to the yellow dividing line, according to the affidavit. The vehicle swerved twice then stopped at the intersection.

Smith saw the vehicle cross the center dividing line and almost strike a bicyclist on Chestnut, according to the affidavit. When the driver signaled to turn left onto 4th, Smith activated his overhead lights to stop the vehicle. The vehicle continued south and stopped in the 600 block of North 4th.

Smith spoke with Chambers and "instantly observed that Jonathan had bloodshot watery eyes," according to the affidavit. Smith then saw a 4-year-old child in the passenger seat without any restraints.

Smith asked Chambers for his license and noted seeing Chambers' "slow gross motor movements with his hands as he was digging through his pockets to find his driver's license, which indicated to me that Jonathan was under the influence of something," according to the affidavit. Smith went back to his vehicle to check Chambers' license and check for warrants.

Returning to the vehicle, Smith noted he could smell an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Chambers, according to the affidavit. Smith asked Chambers how many alcohol he had before driving and Chambers firmly grabbed the wheel at 10 and 2, looked forward and shook his head no.

Smith asked Chambers why he was smelling alcohol coming out of the vehicle every time he spoke, according to the affidavit. Chambers' only response was it was inside the vehicle.

Chambers refused to undergo any standard field sobriety tests, according to the affidavit. Smith asked Chambers to turn the vehicle off and step outside. Chambers shook his head and told Smith no. Smith grabbed the keys from the ignition and put them on the trunk of the car, according to the affidavit. Chambers told Smith he could not do that, and Smith told Chambers he could tell he was intoxicated and he was not leaving with a child in the vehicle, according to the affidavit.

Smith told Chambers to get out of the vehicle several times, but Chambers kept refusing Smith's orders, according to the affidavit. Smith called for another unit to come to the scene and made several more orders for Chambers to get out of the vehicle. Chambers continued to refuse.

Smith noted the 4-year-old child became "very upset" and started to cry, according to the affidavit. Officer Dustin Fitzwater arrived on scene, and he and Smith ordered Chambers to get out of the vehicle but Chambers kept saying no.

Fitzwater opened the driver's-side door and Smith went to the passenger-side door. Officer Bart Arnold arrived as Smith was trying to push Chambers out of the vehicle, according to the affidavit. While Smith was going back to the driver's side to assist placing Chambers in handcuffs, Arnold deployed his Taser.

Officers were able to get Chambers into handcuffs and search him while he was on the ground, according to the affidavit. Smith told Chambers he was under arrest for driving under the influence, child endangerment and resisting arrest.

Chambers kept asking why he was Tasered and who he resisted, according to the affidavit. Officers put Chambers back on his feet. Smith noted Chambers was unsteady when walking toward the curb, stumbled as he walked and was sliding his feet.

Chambers was asked multiple times if he wanted to take the state's test but refused to cooperate, according to the affidavit. Chambers continued to ask why he was Tasered and who he resisted.

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