ENID, Okla. — Enid Police Department is warning truck drivers found violating the city's truck route ordinance they could be cited and possibly fined.

Traffic Division Sgt. Casey Von Schriltz said those driving trucks off the designated truck route and where there was no damage to the roadway can be fined $254 for a first offense up to $654 for a third or subsequent offense. The fines increase if there is damage to the roadway. For a first offense with damage to the roadway, violators can face fine of $354, and up to $804 for a third or subsequent offense.

"Trucks are absolutely allowed to be off the truck route to make their deliveries; however, they are required by ordinance to stick to the shortest, most direct route to their delivery location when leaving and coming back to the truck route," he said. "State law, and city ordinance, define a truck as any vehicle manufactured, used or maintained specifically for the purpose of carrying property, with exceptions for buses, emergency services vehicles, utility service vehicles, farm equipment."

He said traffic officers will enforce the truck route ordinance for vehicles that fit the above definitions, or those that have three or more axles.

"The city streets, aside from state-designated highways and streets designated as part of the truck route, were never designed to carry the heavy loads placed on them by truck traffic," Von Schriltz said. "All over the city there are unrated bridges not designed to carry such heavy loads. Enforcement action will taken upon truck drivers choosing not to follow the city’s designated truck route."

The sergeant said there has been a marked increase in truck traffic outside of the designated route. He said that was partly due to one of the designated roads being removed from the route and drivers using outdated maps for the truck route. As of January, Grand was no longer being maintained by the state of Oklahoma.

"The state decided a few years ago they were no longer going to maintain Grand as a state highway," he said. Von Schriltz said Grand's status as a state highway was removed and the city of Enid removed it's truck route designation due to it becoming a street rather than a state highway.

A map of the most up-to-date truck route can be found at the city of Enid website enid.org by clicking on the residents tab and selecting truck route map.

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Rains is police and court reporter for the Enid News & Eagle. He can be reached at crains@enidnews.com.

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