Ducks are 'quackers' for new feeders

Ducks and geese hang around one of the food dispensaries at Meadowlake Park on Friday, June 26, 2020.

ENID, Okla. — Feeding bread to ducks is not all it quacked up to be.

But count your lucky feathers! Enid Parks and Recreation have installed free duck feeders in Meadowlake and Government Springs parks to feed ducks all the “quackers” you want.

Enid Parks and Recreation supervisor Cory Buller said the feeders were installed toward the end of 2019 to protect the park ecosystems.

“We had been reached out to by residents more than once asking if we heard about how bad bread is for ducks,” Buller said. “I got to researching and looking into it and it turns out (bread) is really bad for the ducks. It is bad for the water and it can get in and create algae and it makes ducks sick and fish sick.

“So, I got to looking at it and I thought, ‘Well, we will just grab a few machines and see what happens.’ It became a big hit.”

The parks and recreation maintenance crew goes around the parks daily to check on the feeders. The feeders usually are refilled every other day, although Buller said with the popularity of the feeders increasing, they might start being refilled every day.

Feeders are made out of old poles with gumball-style machines mounted to the top. Some vandalism issues occurred early on, so metal cages also were installed around the machines.

There currently are two machines at Meadowlake and two at Government Springs. Plans are being made to install more.

“They are very inexpensive,” Buller said. “We can do all of the of the work in-house.”

And don’t worry, if there is any additional expense you can put it on the duck’s bill.

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