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DPD Lt. John Byers speaks during a press conference about the three who are dead after a domestic dispute resulted in a deadly shooting outside of Walmart Monday morning. Standing behind him, from left, are City Attorney David Hammond, City Manager Kim Meek, Police Chief Danny Ford, Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney and District Attorney Jason Hicks.

DUNCAN, Okla. — Law enforcement officials have released the identifications of three people left dead after a domestic dispute that led to a fatal shooting in the southern portion of Walmart’s parking lot.

Lt. John Byers said the deceased in the double-murder suicide include a male found at the rear of the vehicle named Wbiliado R. Varela Jr., 43, of Duncan, who was the suspect in the shooting; Rebecca N. Vescio-Varela, 31, of Duncan, who was found in the driver’s seat; and Aubrey P. Perkins, a 39-year-old male from Minco, Oklahoma, who was found dead in the passenger’s seat of the car.

A motive has not yet been released, though it is clear Varela shot through the windshield and possibly opened the driver-side door and fired more rounds there. 

Byers said during a press conference Duncan’s dispatch received multiple calls of a shooting in the Walmart parking lot around 9:53 a.m. Monday, Nov. 18. Sgt. Ron Corcorran arrived just a moment later to the scene, which was in Row 11 of the Walmart parking lot. As other law enforcement arrived, they found the three deceased and multiple gunshot holes to the windshield of the car and multiple shell casings and live rounds on the ground around the car. Byers said they also recovered a 9mm semi-automatic handgun near Varela Jr.

The gun still had ammunition inside it in the magazine, according to Byers, who said they counted 13 casings and live rounds on the ground.

“All witnesses on scene were taken to the Duncan Police Department for interviews and all evidence was collected and processed for delivery to the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) Lab by OSBI and DPD Crime Scene Technicians,” Byers said. “The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s Investigators processed the three persons and all three were later transported to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Oklahoma City for autopsies.”

Byers said while some details are emerging, the investigation is still ongoing.

“Video from multiple locations in Duncan is being reviewed and obtained and other witnesses and tips are still being followed up on as soon as they are obtained,” Byers said. “All gunshots were in the parking lot and not inside the Walmart.”

Byers said the events leading up to the domestic dispute include Vescio, a Walmart employee who was not scheduled to work, and Perkins arriving at the Walmart and visiting the Money Center inside. 

Byers said Varela was inside a vehicle parked in front of Vescio and Perkins' car, though it's unclear how long he waited and police are still trying to nail down a timeline. When Vescio and Perkins, who were in a “dating relationship,” got back into their vehicle, Varela exited the vehicle he was in, which wasn’t his, and fired multiple rounds into the windshield, striking Vescio and Perkins multiple times. Police said Varela then went to the rear of the car, where he turned the gun on himself and fired one time, killing himself. 

Law enforcement is working to hammer out details on if someone was with Varela or in the truck Varela had been in at the time of the shooting.

Byers clarified that Varela and Vescio had been married or at least common law married and they were still looking into that, but didn’t know of any relationship between Varela Jr. and Perkins yet.

At least two people were at the car when police arrived on scene, according to Byers, but he wasn’t sure if they were trying to render aid or not. 

“As soon as myself and other officers arrived, I was just seconds away from Sgt. Corcorran arriving, our attention got diverted,” Byers said. “It was mentioned there was another person with a firearm. Then, at that point, I had to back away and contain that firearm and Sgt. Corcorran went up to the car itself.”

Byers said the fourth person with the gun was a concerned citizen who approached the scene. Byers believes Varela shot himself before the fourth person approached.

“We were advised by people, other citizens that were there, that the gentleman had a firearm on him. Myself and other officers approached him, disarmed him at the time,” Byers said. “I was later advised after talking to that gentleman he did come up after hearing the gunshots and approached the scene with a firearm. We did take his firearm at the time and later returned it to him. He got all the way up beside the vehicle at the back end of the pickup that was parked by the victim’s vehicle. We’re still reviewing video but we believe he did not actually get in contact with Mr. Varela, Mr. Varela had already turned and shot himself and then that gentleman comes up.” 

Byers said the man confirmed he didn’t have any conversations with Varela. His name has not been released at this time.

“His initial statement was, ‘I heard gunshots and I came over.’ After retrieving his firearm, I told him if he would just standby we would have someone visit with him,” Byers said. “

He said there were some children involved in some of the relationships, but doesn’t know with whom the children are associated. He said Department of Human Services Child Welfare was contacted to assist.

After the shooting, Byers said there were some disturbances in the area, but he didn’t know the details of those disturbances.

As far as people hitting deck when the shooting happened, Byers said he didn’t think anyone had taken cover, though they saw at least one person on camera run out of the frame. He said they’re working to review more footage to find out these details.

“I know there was some arguing at one point but I don’t know the exact details of those arguments,” Byers said.

The tragedy has left an impact on Duncan and the families of those involved, according to Byers.

“I know that Mr. Varela was involved in many charitable organizations in the Marlow area, the Yayo Run, and it's a tragedy for anyone, especially the Latin community,” Byers said. “As far as I know, he was involved in that, the Yayo Run. I don’t know him personally but our thoughts and prayers are with his family and the family of Ms. Vescio and Mr. Perkins.”

Agencies responding to the scene included OSBI’s Crime Scene Unit, Duncan Police, Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney Office District 6 Violent Crime Task Force, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma Fusion Center, Duncan Fire Department and other agencies.

Byers said they are still interviewing people about the incident and continue reviewing surveillance footage. He urged anyone with information to contact the Duncan Police Department. To contact DPD, call the non emergency line at 580-255-2112.

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