Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw listens to testimony as prosecutors continue their case. Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer, is facing dozens of charges alleging he sexually assaulted 13 women while on duty.

OKLAHOMA CITY — The ninth accuser to testify against a fired Oklahoma City police officer charged with sex crimes while on duty told jurors Tuesday he made her perform oral sex after he found a crack pipe in her purse.

“I was so doggone shocked and scared … I started crying and saying, 'No,' " the woman testified.

She said she felt like she didn't have a choice “because he's the police … I complied.”

The former officer, Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 28, of Oklahoma City, is on trial in Oklahoma County District Court. He also is accused of sexually assaulting 12 other women between December 2013 and June 2014 while a police officer. He was fired in January.

The alleged sexual abuse ranges from illicit touching over the clothes to forced oral sex and rape. Holtzclaw denies the allegations.

Prosecutors allege the woman who testified Tuesday was sexually assaulted May 8, 2014. The woman testified Holtzclaw approached her as she was leaving a northeast Oklahoma City apartment complex.

She said Holtzclaw asked her if she had weapons or drugs on her. She testified he found her crack pipe in her purse and put her in the back of his patrol car.

“He told me, ‘You know you can go to jail for this,'” the woman testified. “He asked me if I was wearing any panties. It kind of caught me off guard.”

She said Holtzclaw asked her to unzip her pants and lift up her shirt. She said she exposed her breasts and genitals to him.

“He didn't touch me, he just looked,” she said.

She testified Holtzclaw then asked her to perform oral sex while he left his gun belt on. She said he was wearing a condom.

The woman said she asked for her crack pipe back after the sex act. She said he returned the pipe.

The woman said she then told Holtzclaw she was going to walk to a relative's house but he told her he would drive her there. She testified she thought he was going to drive her into a field but appeared to change his mind. Another accuser who previously testified alleged Holtzclaw raped her after driving her into a field.

She said he eventually dropped her off near her relative's apartment complex.

She told the jury she didn't initially tell police about the abuse because she's “never been on the right side of the law.” The woman noted her past arrests for drugs and prostitution.

It wasn't until a domestic dispute call with her boyfriend on May 24, 2014, that she eventually told responding police about being sexually abused by an Oklahoma City officer. A detective later followed up with the allegations.

The woman admitted she initially lied about where the sexual abuse occurred because she didn't want her boyfriend to know she was using drugs at the apartment complex where the incident happened.

Holtzclaw's attorney noted that the woman said she told police the abuse occurred a few days before the domestic call on May 24, 2014. Based on Holtzclaw's recorded activity, prosecutors determined the abuse allegedly happened May 8, 2014.

The defense attorney pointed out during the woman's testimony that she has past felony drug convictions. The attorney also noted the woman's “tired” demeanor, asking if she currently was under the influence of drugs.

The woman said she used crack cocaine a few days before Tuesday's testimony. She said she relapsed because the trial has taken a toll on her.

The trial began Nov. 2 and is expected to go into December.

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