ENID, Okla. — An Enid woman is feeling lucky to be alive after a tree fell through her trailer house, partially landing feet away from her in the bed, during a storm early Thursday morning.

“Physically I’m fine but mentally I’m an emotional wreck,” Kelsey Berkinbile said from a friend’s house Thursday morning.

Enid Fire Department had to remove part of the trailer’s wall to help Berkinbile out of the trailer, located at 2601 N. Monroe, according to a report.

Firefighters re-secured the home with plywood before leaving the scene.

Berkinbile said she is a night owl and had just went to bed around 2 a.m. when she was woken a few hours later by one of her dog’s yelping as the ceiling fell under the weight of the tree.

Disoriented, she said she crawled under the rubble and found her phone to call for help.

Family friend Ron Phillips said he already had been awakened by the wind before receiving the call from Berkinbile.

“I heard the gusts last night, but I didn’t realize it was that strong,” he said.

“She was frantic,” he said of Berkenbile. “She was scared.”

Berkinbile was the only one in the house, besides two dogs, one of which was in a kennel, and they all escaped without any serious injuries.

She said later Thursday that if she had calmed down she might have thought to kick her way out of the wall the way the firefighters rescued her, but it didn’t occur to her at the time.

Berkenbile was back at the trailer Thursday afternoon, but she said she was too shook up still to make too many decisions.

The tree fell over the bedroom on the northeast corner of the trailer, blocking her exit from the room. Most of the damaged area contained clothes, she said.

“Luckily nobody else was in the house with me,” she said.

Ron Phillips said the tree missed her on the bed by two or three feet.

“It was a big, old, damn tree,” he said. “If she’d been on the other side of the bed she wouldn’t be here.

“We had so much rain the ground was soaked. It just literally sucked (the tree) out of the ground.”

As if having a tree crash through her bedroom wasn’t enough, Berkenbile’s fiancé, a truck driver, was in Idaho quarantined with COVID-19, she said. He was staying with family there and was going to have a surgical procedure Thursday in an attempt to pull fluid from his lungs.

She will be staying with the Phillipses until she can figure out what to do. She does not believe they have insurance on the trailer, but since the tree was on another property she is not sure how that will all work out just yet.

Meanwhile, she is just grateful for being alive.

“I guess by the grace of God it missed me,” she said.

Enid and Garfield County Emergency Management director Mike Honisberg said an outflow boundary from the storm produced high winds that blew down the tree on North Monroe and uprooted another in the 1300 block of West Oklahoma overnight.

“Those winds hit us at 60-65 mph, give or take, and they may have been a little higher,” Honigsberg said.

He said with the ground saturated the way it was from recent rains, it was easy to see how easy it would be to uproot trees given the right conditions.

He has not received any reports of any major damage other than the trailer on North Monroe.

Anyone with damage from the storm can contact Honisberg at (580) 249-5969.

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