Woman testifies Holtzclaw raped her

Daniel Holtzclaw. (AP Photo)

OKLAHOMA CITY — Attorneys for a former Oklahoma City police officer spent much of Wednesday trying to discredit his accusers.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, continued to paint Daniel Holtzclaw, 28, as a bad cop who preyed upon troubled women in northeast Oklahoma City.

A woman who testified Wednesday was the first of 13 accusers who claim Holtzclaw, who grew up in Enid, abused them. Holtzclaw faces three dozen charges stemming from allegations he coerced women to expose themselves, touched them inappropriately or forced them to have sex. He has pleaded not guilty.

As tears ran down her cheeks, the woman described how Holtzclaw, who had just finished a shift but apparently still was driving his patrol car, stopped her for driving erratically blocks away from the state Capitol.

During the traffic stop, she said, Holtzclaw forced her to expose herself and give him oral sex.

The woman said she begged him not to do it.

“I was so afraid,” she said.

After the assault, Holtzclaw let her go home. The woman said she thanked him for not taking her to jail.

The woman's daughter testified the woman was distraught, crying and shaking when she returned home.

The woman's second cousin, who is an Oklahoma City police officer and patrolled the same neighborhoods as Holtzclaw, testified his mother called to ask him what to do.

He told her to call 911. Instead, the woman's family went in search of a police officer to report the incident.

The woman is suing Holtzclaw and Oklahoma City for $75,000 for the abuse she claims she suffered.

Defense attorneys, however, sought to discredit the woman with members of the 12-person jury by highlighting her run-ins with the law.

Under questioning from Scott Adams, one of Holtzclaw’s attorneys, the accuser admitted she was driving without a license when Holtzclaw stopped her. As of Wednesday, she had not had a valid license for 30 years but continues to drive anyway.

She also admitted that, under the glare of the flashing lights of the patrol car, she at first believed the officer who confronted her had blonde hair. Holtzclaw’s hair is black.

She also testified she was too afraid to look at the officer’s name on his uniform. But, sitting in the witness stand Wednesday, she identified Holtzclaw as her attacker.

The woman admitted to smoking at least one joint that day and taking Tylenol PM before she was stopped by Holtzclaw. A police report indicates she admitted then to smoking two joints.

The woman also acknowledged she was arrested nearly three decades ago in a club where crack cocaine had been found.

Prosecutors were scheduled to resume their case against Holtzclaw today. The trial is expected to last a month.

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